Animals on GNV ferries: travel advice

With GNV's new "Pets, Welcome on Board" service, pets can finally travel with their owners on our ferries.

Take your four-legged friend on holiday!

Here are some practical tips to make your trip together safer and more enjoyable.

Packing for your pet

Don't forget my suitcase! Here are a few things you will need to remember when packing for your pet:

  • Medical card
  • Food supply
  • Water and food bowls
  • Muzzle
  • Lead
  • Pooper-scooper and bags


Don't lose me!

Take a recent photo of me on holiday with you: if I get lost during the trip, the photo could be useful to help find me. Never remove my collar or harness during the journey and make sure these are fitted with a metal tag displaying your telephone number.

A check-up with the vet

Before you travel, take your pet to the vet to ensure they are in a good state of health. A visit to your regular vet is also important so that you can obtain the documents required for your journey.

The following items will be evaluated during your check-up:

  • Basic vaccinations (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus)
  • Rabies vaccination (if necessary)
  • Deworming against intestinal parasites
  • Antiparasitic treatments against fleas and ticks

Any diseases present at the destination and how to prevent them can also be assessed.

On your way to the ship

Fido in your car and on the motorway - Art. 169 of Italy's New Highway Code allows you to take him with you freely in the car as long as he does not present a danger or hindrance to you while you're driving (so he has to stay on the back seat). You can take more than one of them with you if you put them in the rear compartment of the car with a special net divider or similar device.

Before you travel, he has to have an empty stomach and don't forget to take his bowl and plenty of water.

When you're travelling, make sure the window is open a little so that air can circulate, but don't let him stick his head out or a draught could give him a nasty ear infection. And don't forget, frequent stops (at least every two hours) so that he can stretch his legs and have a drink.

And remember, never leave him in the car on a hot day because, even if the windows are down, the temperature inside the car can quickly reach 40 degrees in the shade and 60 degrees in the sun.

There are motorway service stations for four-legged friends. Fido Parks are located outside rest stops; they are especially designed for us, with fresh water and dog kennels that are thermally insulated and disinfected with a hygienic spray system.

Some locations:

  • Frascati, A1 Milano - Napoli, direction South Rome (direction North);
  • Frascati, A1 Milano - Napoli, direction South Rome (direction South);
  • S.Ilario North, A12 Genova - Sestri Levante, Genoa Nervi (direction North);
  • Stura East, A26 Voltri - Gravellona T., Belforte Monferrato (direction North);
  • Stura West, A26 Voltri - Gravellona T., Belforte Monferrato (direction South).


Fido by train - In Italy, pets can travel by train, respecting some simple rules linked to the type of train used for the journey.

For the smallest four-legged friends, transport is free if they are kept in a special container no bigger than 70x50x30 cm.

On compartment trains, small animals can travel freely next to their owner, provided they are carefully watched at all times and the other passengers in the compartment give their consent, only in second class with a 40% reduction on the ticket price.

Larger pets are only permitted, however, if they do not cause trouble and are kept on a lead and with a muzzle; otherwise, in addition to payment of a reduced-price ticket, you will need to book the whole compartment.

In sleeping compartments, four-legged friends are permitted on payment of a second class ticket with a 40% discount and a pest control fee.

On local trains, in which the carriage space is open to all, we can only travel on boarding platforms or in the hallways between the carriages.

On high-speed trains, medium and large pets are not permitted as the passenger space is not large enough to allow an accompanying dog.
Small pets are permitted, free of charge, if they are kept in special containers in the designated areas.

On Eurostar Italia trains, only guide dogs for the blind are permitted; all other pets are forbidden. As the State Railway Company may make changes to these conditions relating to the transportation of animals by train, we recommend checking them before you travel to ensure they have not been amended.

Guide dogs for the blind

Guide dogs for the blind may travel on any train and in any class free of charge, but may be required to wear a muzzle.

The GNV "Pets, Welcome on Board" service is only available on some ferries.
Onboard services and equipment may vary depending on the time of year and from ship to ship.


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