Sète - Nador

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Put your trust in GRANDI NAVI VELOCI and book a ferry on the Sète - Nador route now. The route connects France and Morocco, allowing you to discover two countries rich in history and tradition.

Buying your ticket online is easy and fast: all you need to book your ferry is to follow our guided procedure. Before proceeding, always check the Morocco offers currently available so that you can travel and save.

GNV's fleet will accompany you on the France - Morocco route offering a direct connection between the ports of Sète and Nador.

  • Nador-Sète Crossing time: 38h

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  • Nador-Sète (Via Tangiers) Crossing time: 42h 45m

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  • Sète-Nador Crossing time: 39h 45m

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  • Sète-Nador (Via Tangiers) Crossing time: 41h 30m

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  • Please verify the exact duration of the crossing while booking the trip, as the travel time varies for each trip