Civitavecchia - Palermo (Termini Imerese)

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Sicily is famous all over the world for its pristine white beaches and crystalline sea. But the beauties of this ancient land don't stop there: from the Greeks to the Arabs, modern-day Sicily treats us to a thousand different faces and itineraries just waiting to be discovered, thanks to its completely unique cultural, artistic and natural wealth.

GNV will be your guide as you discover this wonderful region using the ferries it operates on the Civitavecchia - Termini Imerese route. Choose GNV and set sail with a fleet of ferries that combine practicality and high-quality services. On your Civitavecchia - Termini Imerese ferry, you will be able to travel with your pet and transport your own car.

  • Civitavecchia - Termini Imerese Crossing time: 14h 15m

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  • Termini Imerese - Civitavecchia Crossing time: 13h 45m

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  • Please verify the exact duration of the crossing while booking the trip, as the travel time varies for each trip